Italian Saganaki

8 oz queso asada or firm frying cheese

1 T. Oil

1 shot of brandy or vodka

4 T. good aged balsamic vinegar

2 tsp. red wine vinegar

1 tsp. butter

Salt and Pepper



1.) Heat oil in non stick pan over medium high heat

2.) Season cheese generously on both sides and brown in hot oil (approx 3 min/ side)

3.) Add vodka and flambé, cook until dry

4.) Add vinegars, salt, and spoon sauce over cheese to glaze

5.) Heat until thickened and clinging to cheese and add butter




When experimenting with the right cheese for cheese curds I went through all my Mexican grocer had to offer.  The asada cheese turned out to be the best, and I ate lots and lots of fried cheese, there may still be some in my digestional tract as we speak.  This is a great appetizer or food to eat whenever you feel like chestnuting.  Mexican frying cheese (queso frier) also works well here, or look for the Greek versions.  If you use cheap balsamic add a splash of maple to round out the flavor.