My twist on the Mexican street food best from a 4 foot Mexican woman

Serves: 2 snacks


2 large cobs of sweet corn, husked removed and rinsed

2 heavy duty metal or wooden skewers

2 Tbsp unsalted butter melted and kept warm

1 lemon halved

1 cup of mayonnaise ( pick your favorite)

1.5- 2 tsp syracha hot sauce (depending on your preference)

2 tsp maple syrup

Kosher salt and black pepper

˝ grated parmesan cheese (cojita, or any dry powdered cheese will work)


1.) Skewer and season the corn with salt and brush with butter. Then cook on the grill, or roast in the oven 375 f (approx 12-15 min)

2.) In the meantime assemble the sauce, add hot sauce, mayo, juice of half a lemon, and generous pinch of salt.  Taste for seasoning

3.) Brush corn with butter then mayo sauce

4.) Put the cheese on a plate and roll the corn to coat all sides

5.) Put more lemon or syracha on if preferred



You’ll have extra sauce, great for sandwiches and soft shell po boys.  The first time I had this was at a flea market and I thought I was going to get knifed in the parking lot along with salmonella.  Neither were the case, I walked around looking at stolen and bootleg items hocked from rubbish laden parking spots and I could not shake the urge of eating another. 

Typical elote is served either on the cob or in a cup and is smothered in butter, mayonnaise, cheese, and flavored with chili powder and lime juice.  My twist on this was using syracha, the best hot sauce on the planet. The addition of lemon makes for a well rounded, rich and spicy sauce.  Feel free to eat it more like the Hispanics by putting more syracha or chili powder and lemon or lime.  This simple dish is the perfect street food. My friend Margerito sells me the best elotes in pilsen, you can hold and eat with one hand while the other holds the next elote to eat.    It covers your entire palate with a punchy cheesy balanced palate bomb.