B.O.B Burger by Gozilah52.

Chorizo Burger

Yield: 8 burgers


2 # ground chuck (lean)

8 oz Mexican chorizo

½ c parmesan

1 lemon (juiced)

1 medium onion (small diced)

3 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (finely diced)

8 slices or pepper jack cheese

Salt and pepper

¾ cup sour cream + pinch of salt

8 hamburger buns

3 poblano peppers (sliced thinly)

1 tbsp butter (or bacon fat)

3 Tbsp vegetable oil


1.) Turn on oven to 325 f to toast buns

2.) Mix chuck through chipotles until well combined

3.) Generously season with salt and a small pinch of pepper

4.) Fry off a small burger in a splash of the oil, adjust seasoning if necessary

5.) While burger cooks heat bacon fat/ butter and cook poblanos over medium high w/ a pinch of salt until deeply browned about 20 minutes (stir often)

6.) When peppers are cooked start forming into approx 6 oz patties

7.) Over medium high heat add 1 tbsp oil and begin frying patties about 4-5 min/ side for medium

8.) When you flip add cheese on top to melt

9.) You will likely have to do it in batches, repeat step 7 until finished

10.) While burgers cook heat buns in oven until toasted

11.) When burgers are cooked to your liking assemble by smearing seasoned sour cream on both sides of bun

12.) Add burger patty then sautéed peppers and serve



You can add the usual lettuce and tomato if you want but when I eat chorizo just want to taste it and not bother with the vegetable distractions.  Usual burgers have 20% fat; the chorizo is the fat in the burger and adds a spicy seasoned punch, along with a healthy bright red greasy drip down your chin while eating.  They may say that everything tastes better with bacon, but I think Mexican chorizo elevates all.