Breakfast Bacon Pecan brittle


Serves: 10-14



˝ c water

1 c sugar

˝ cup light corn syrup

˝ tsp salt

.5 tsp maple flavoring

1 pound hickory smoked bacon (cooked and chopped reserving fat separate)

˝ roasted pecans (chopped)

2 tsp reserved bacon fat

1 tsp baking soda

˝ baking sheet lined with parchment paper (if you have a silipat use it here) sprayed with pam

Silicone spatula

Extra sheet of parchment




1.)    Put ingredient numbers 1-4 into saucepot over medium high heat

2.)    Gently stirring until it’s boiling, then bring to 300 f(approx 20 min) on a candy or probe thermometer( that Alton Brown one that attaches to the probe and into a timer is great for this)

3.)    As the sugar starts to darken on the outside swirl the pan to incorporate, keep in mind that the sugar will scorch and stick to anything in its path

4.)    While syrup is cooking you can prep all the ingredient and have them ready by the stove (see picture above of pre setup)

5.)    I would cook the bacon before you start the entire process

6.)    Once at 300 add in remaining ingredients (6-9) and stir

7.)    Pour out onto greased parchment and use spatula to spread evenly

8.)    Use the extra parchment to aid in flattening brittle

9.)    Let cool, break into bite size pieces and serve




My mother was greatly against me making this for thanksgiving last year.  All the convincing in the world proved useless and she hated it.  This year she said I couldn’t make it in the house, so I made a batch at home and brought it like the American Indians must have to the pilgrim celebration.  She holds a grudge against brittle and I learned from a past brittle mishap at the Bertoletti house to never pour brittle onto a wood cutting board to set and cool it.  That is unless you never want to use it again and be reminded of the brittle fiasco whenever you do.