span class="date">5.6.13 – by Pat
Episode 1 of stuffed
"Stuffed s01e01"
5.5.13 – by Pat
I ate a bunch of playdough
"Playdought eating contest"

Eating whole hard boiled eggs for easter
"Colored easter egg eating"

I'm on this new internet show called stuffed
5.5.13 – by Pat
I chugged a 2 liter of diet soda
"epic burp alert"
5.5.13 – by Pat
I take on the 100 krispy kreme donut challenge
"krispy kreme donut eating contest"
3.25.13 – by Pat
How to eat chicken wings like a pro
"Eating chicken wings like the great badlands booker"
3.25.13 – by Pat
Macaroni and Cheese Corn Dog
"Deep fried carnival goodness!!"
1.17.12 – by Pat
For some reason I drank a bottle of fish sauce
"Don't try this at home!!!"
1.10.13 – by Pat
Check out the recipe section for some new dishes to try!!!!
4.25.12 – by Pat
I take on eating 30 peeps to celebrate easter
"Peeps are gross, don't try this at home"
4.25.12 – by Pat
I try to drink a 2 liter or diet coke without burping
"Most epic burp of all time"
4.25.12 – by Pat
Point of view cam from corned beef sandwich contest
"Corned beef curtain cam"
3.6.12 – by Pat
I shotgun a 5 liter can of miller lite
"16 beers in under 3 minutes"
3.6.12 – by Pat
I play a game called edward manishevitz hands
"Don't try this at home, i'm an idiot"
12.12.11 – by Pat
For some reason I chugged 2 gallons of egg nog
"Egg nog is tasty!"
12.12.11 – by Pat
I down a large bottle of maple syrup
"Super troopers maple chug"
12.12.11 – by Pat
I take on 50 raw eggs to pay homage to cool hand luke
"cool hand douche"
8.15.11 – by Pat
Check out the blog section as I uploaded one from my recent trip to nyc
8.15.11 – by Pat
I appear in a cooking segment on windy city live
"windy city live link"
8.15.11 – by Pat
a cool article listing calorie counts from certain contests
"everyday health link"
8.2.11 – by Pat
New Recipe added
7.18.11 – by Pat
I make an appearance on wciu you and me and I slip in some roofie humor
"Wciu link"
4.6.11 – by Pat
I almost lose an eyebrow cooking italian saganaki
"Fried cheese video"
3.25.11 – by Pat
I prepare a pressed cuban sandwich
"Cuban video"
3.22.11 – by Pat
I made a video of me cooking a short rib sandwich
"Drunken short rib video"
3.20.11 – by Pat
Watch as a shotgun a four loko
"Four loko video"
3.04.11 – by Pat
Cheesesteak eating contest at Geno's
"Geno's eating video"
1.10.11 – by Pat
Video from pb and b sandwich contest
"Pb and B video"
1.3.11 – by Pat
For the first post of the year check out the blog section for a recap of the bhut pepper wing contest
12.1.10 – by Pat
Metro Minneapolis Magazine article
"Metro link"
11.19.10 – by Pat
I have uploaded a video from the loosemeat sandwich contest
"You Tube link"
10.12.10 – by Pat
I was called out for talking trash before upper crust pizza
"Morning star link"
9.24.10 – by Pat
The votes are in, I have 3 of the top ten grossest eating records
"Palm beach most disturbing record link"
9.20.10 – by Pat
Someone out there thinks I'm a top 10 most daring athlete
"Bleacher report site"
8.11.10 – by Pat
Some links from the testicle festival
"Denver post article"
"You tube video"
"Espn 2 article"
8.11.10 – by Pat
Ice cream journal ice cream eating advice
"Ice cream journal link"

Denveater blog about jimmy johns
"Jimmy johns interview"
7.15.10 – by Pat
Driven by boredome post nathans pics
"funny pix look for the 69"

Student video
"Brian S.'s deep dish video"
7.15.10 – by Pat
Examiner article from rib contest
"Article recap from lincoln city rib contest"
7.14.10 – by Pat
Check out a recent deep dish appearance on the steve dahl podcast when dd talks about nathans
"The segment start at the 1 hr 37 minute mark"
7.06.10 – by Pat
Some nathans info
"Wgn radio interview w/ bob sirott"
"Tons of pics from time out ny"
"Gothomist blog, entact w/ a rydberg blurb"
6.30.10 – by Pat
A good article about moi(well mostly because it's all about me)
"Fox news online"
6.19.10 – by Pat
Just a reminder, check out spike tv tommorow at 9 pm c for the guys choice awards. I will be taking on joey shitnuts in a pizza hut chowlenge
"Video from huffington post"
"funny pre contest interviews"
"Promo commercial"
6.19.10 – by Pat
Chicago Magazine links
"The sugar toad article"
"Pizza eat off with jeff ruby"
6.19.10 – by Pat
A bunch of viral goodness for your enjoyment
"Nathans game, sign up to be a judge at the finals and get to play as me!"
"rib fest promo video"
"french fry article"
6.19.10 – by Pat
A few old Poutine links
"The poutine princess' blog"
"Fox new chicago"
"Torontoist blog"
"Pics of pretty boy looking very pretty"
6.19.10 – by Pat
A pretty funny article from gyros
"river oak examiner"
6.15.10 – by Pat
Video from rib fest
"Rib Fest video"
6.15.10 – by Pat
Some Good pics from rib fest
"Center Square journal pics"
6.4.10 – by Pat
Hilarious Poutine video
"Fun Times internet poutine vid"
5.25.10 – by Pat
Poutine video
"toronto globe video"
5.17.10 – by Pat
Espn, first take video
"La costena eating contest"
3.28.10 – by Pat
An oldie but good wing article
"Test the best wings in chicago"
2.20.10 – by Pat
Article from King Cake contest
"Press of Atlantic city"
2.20.10 – by Pat
Video from King Cake contest
"Youtube video from contest"
2.1.10 – by Pat
Some Mohawkless deep dish imposter completed a burger challenge at breakneck speed
"Video link"
1.31.10 – by Pat
I'm in a man vs. food photo contest, please vote for me
"man vs. food contest"
1.31.10 – by Pat
I'm in a how to win a hot dog contest blurb, scroll to bottom
"Metro Magazine"
1.25.10 – by Pat
I'm part of an ice cream survey
"Survey page"
1.12.10 – by Pat
Mnsp Magazine write up
"Foodie File mnsp page"
12.9.09 – by Pat
Badass new hoodies and t-shirts are for sale in the store section
11.11.09 – by Pat
190 n. segment
"Video clip on site"
10.20.09 – by Pat
A northwestern students eating article
"a hunrgy man eats"
9.29.09 – by Pat
An eating article from faster times
eating and fasting article
9.24.09 – by Pat
There's a rib article on a teen site with the worst picture of me, make sure to read the mispellings in the comments.
Tween tribute link
9.22.09 – by Pat
There is a new blog up about my unhealthy travels earlier this month
9.22.09 – by Pat
Kolache article
Hoffmans kolache article
9.22.09 – by Pat
renoe rib recap
The best article ever written about competitive eating
9.06.09 – by Pat
Current tv jalapeno video
Al gore is a tool
8.25.09 – by Pat
Late night krystal run video
You tube link
8.25.09 – by Pat
Big angus krstyal burger in 8 seconds
You tube link
8.24.09 – by Pat
Chattanoogan pictures
Chattanoogan link
8.24.09 – by Pat
Chattanooga write up
Times free press
8.4.09 – by Pat 8.19.09 – by Pat
7 questions with the krystal blog
Kso blog
8.4.09 – by Pat
article about taco contest
offbeat article about taco contest
7.28.09 – by Pat
chicago foodie article
chicago foodie link
7.20.09 – by Pat
I'm featured at
Savuer chile pepper article
7.19.09 – by Pat
11 questions on 11
11 points article
7.17.09 – by Pat
I've started a new blog about my exploits with pizza
The man who ate a million slices
7.14.09 – by Pat
Check out the latest chicagoist podcast about competitive eating featuring black out bertoletti
7.09.09 – by Pat
There's a new blog up, also check out these links to some recent press
A good article in nycgo
Tribune article
A great gallery from nathans last year
Forbes article
Jimmy johns article from milwaukee
6.23.09 – by Pat
I'm eating in lots of contests in july and september, check out the calender page
6.18.09 – by Pat
I've started a new blog to aid in my obsession with off duty mariachi's
Everyday Mariachi
6.15.09 – by Pat
I will be in detroit this weekend eating in the jimmy johns freaky fast contest with hall hunt and gravy brown

River Days, Saturday June 20th, 2pm, michigan lottery stage in the gm lot
6.12.09 – by Pat
I have posted a write up of the calamari contest in my blog section. A video from my hdb qualifer is also up
Video of how not to eat hot dogs fast
Article about upcoming jimmy johns event in detroit
5.7.09 – by Pat
The recipe section has been updated, and I'm now twittering about contest results and food
My twitter page
4.29.09 – by Pat
Video of me vs. joey eating the burritozilla
Youtube burrito link

4.26.09 – by Pat
Here's a write up from nbc 5 chicago about my finish in the asparagus contest
Nbc 5 link

4.1.09 – by Pat
To download the 190 n. episode I was in click here, I'm 7:50 in(it takes 5 minutes to download)
From the 190n video podcast
3.24.09 – by Pat
Here's some links from the corned beef contest
Ny Post article
Cnn video
You tube video from contest
3.20.09 – by Pat
On March 29th watch abc7 chicago and see me on 190 north at 10:35 PM 2.26.09 – by Pat
This is the first post of the new year. I have updated the favorites section with more movies, books, and pizza place. Yep, pizza, netflix, books, and perfecta are all i've had during the offseason.

I will be breaking my eating fast in Nyc at the corned beef contest, then funnel cake, oysters, and maybe asparagus if they don't short me by 1.25 lbs this time
12.31.08 – by Pat
Check out the recipe section for some new additions
12.8.08 – by Pat
I added a new blog about pizza
12.4.08 – by Pat
I added two new recipes and three new videos.

12.2.08 – by Pat
I updated the blog section as well as the favorites page.

11.19.08 – by Pat

Listen for me on the Steve Dahl show this Friday around 8 am on 104.3 jack fm (11/21).
Some new and old links from recent contests below. I also updated the favorites section w/ more movies, restaurants and books

Pepper video and crazy mexican translater

The owner of big apple pizzas site

Pictures from the pizza contest
New Recipe

I added a new recipe today for Bread pudding with creamy nutella sauce and roasted banana whipped cream.

Listen for me on the Steve Dahl show Friday the 8th.

10.09.08 – by Pat
More Press

Here's a quick write up following the jalapeno contest with a nice plug for this site and an even nicer close up of my pre-pubesent attempt at facial hair.

This is a quick recap from my hometown paper covering my finish at krystal finals.

This is from the chattanooga paper featuring a nice arrogant quote from joey chestnut. (Bring it on chinnuts, I'll see you in nyc)

Here's tons of pictures from photographer/ competitive eating fan chris hardesty

09.12.08 – by Jon
Steve Dahl Show

Pat won the La Costena "Feel the Heat" Jalapeno Eating Challenge by consuming 127 peppers in 8 minutes. Pat will be on The Steve Dahl Show on Firday, September 19th. You can listen online by going to Pats next contest will be the Krystal Square off on Sunday, September 28th.

09.12.08 – by Jon
Kystal Square Off

Pat qualified for the 5th annual Krystal Square Off by eating 66 burgers at the Atlanta qualifier on September 6th. You can keep up to date on all Krystal Square Off news here. You can see a video of that qualifier on the videos page.

09.06.08 – by Pat
Recent press

"Deep Dish" Slices Burger Competition
BBQ pork

08.12.08 – by Pat
Welcome to the brand new

I will do my best to entertain you and keep you up to date on all my eating and personal endeavors. I didn't just want to include the eating side of my passion, but to give a peek into the behind the scenes and cooking that so greatly feeds my passion and energies. I will try and post my personal recipes as well as all of the other items in my life that interest me greatly, like movies, books, and restaurants.